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E-scooter parking rangers deployed on Melbourne streets

E-scooter parking rangers deployed on Melbourne streets

Melbourne e-scooter trial

‘Parking wardens’ will begin patrolling the streets of Melbourne as part of its ongoing e-scooter trial. They will reward considerate parking with free future trips.

It’s part of a new program announced by transport provider Lime.

The wardens will be stationed in busy areas of the city, such as Southbank and the MCG.

Melbourne e-scooter trial

A Melbourne trial of e-scooters and e-bikes was extended in April. Lime is one of the city’s main e-transport providers.

Lime parking wardens will be on the lookout for ‘neat’ parking. This could include a park that doesn’t block a street or take up a car space.

Considerate riders will receive ‘good parking notices’ with a QR code for five minutes of free travel.

Are fines handed out?

A fine system is already in place for poor parking. Issuing fines won’t be the responsibility of the parking wardens.

Under a pre-existing compliance program, poor parkers will be subject to $50 fines, and repeat offenders could be banned from Lime.

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