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Meta ad-free subscription launched in parts of Europe

Meta ad-free subscription launched in parts of Europe

meta ad-free subscription

Meta has started rolling out an ad-free subscription service for Instagram and Facebook users in Europe.

It means users can pay to have ads removed from the platform, for $AU22 a month for smartphone/app users, or $17 a month for web browser users.

Those who don’t subscribe can continue using the platform for free with ads.

Why is Meta launching an ad-free subscription?

Meta launched its ad-free subscription in response to laws around user data collection and consent in the European Union.

It comes after the EU fined Meta $650 million over its advertising policy.

Users could not access Facebook or Instagram unless they consented to their personal data being collected (for targeted advertising), in breach of EU data laws.

Meta Australia

Meta said its subscription “balances the requirements of European regulators while giving users choice”.

However, there are no current plans to roll out the subscription elsewhere, including in Australia.

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