Mobile phones will be banned in NSW high schools from October

A phone ban at schools will be in place in NSW. It's the sixth state or territory to announce the ban. Here's what it might look like.
mobile phone ban at nsw schools

NSW Premier Chris Minns has confirmed there will be a mobile phone ban at schools in the state from 9 October. This will coincide with the start of term four.

The policy is targeted at preventing cyberbullying and increasing academic output. It’ll be rolled out at public high schools across NSW.

Further details on the mobile phone school ban

Each school will be tasked with making its own enforcement protocols for the ban.

This could include a central phone locker or instituting locked pouches during the school day. A rule to keep students’ phones in their lockers for the entire school day would also be in line with the government ban.

Are there mobile phone bans in other Australian schools?

A mobile phone ban at schools in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory is already in place.

NSW has allowed high schools to make their own decisions about the use of mobile phones among students.

Results from the NSW election

Minns has been sworn in as NSW Premier, but the count from last month’s election is not yet finished.

However, Labor won’t win a majority of seats at the election. This means they’ll need support from one or two crossbenchers (independents or minor party members) to form government.

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