Minns orders review into alleged murder of Molly Ticehurst

A formal review into an alleged murder will be launched on Wednesday, following the death of 28-year-old Molly Ticehurst earlier this week.
Alleged murder review

NSW Premier Chris Minns has ordered a review of the circumstances leading to the alleged murder of 28-year-old Molly Ticehurst in the state’s Central West region earlier this week.

Ticehurst was found dead at her home in Forbes – a regional town 375 kilometres west of Sydney – by police early on Monday morning. She was a childcare worker and a mother.

Her former partner Daniel Billings was later charged with Ticehurst’s murder and breaching an apprehended violence order. Billings was released on bail two weeks before the alleged murder.

Molly Ticehurst

During court proceedings on Tuesday, it emerged Billings was facing several charges for alleged crimes committed against Ticehurst.

These included three counts of sexual intercourse without consent, four counts of stalking and harassment, and two counts of damaging or destroying property. He’s also facing one count of animal cruelty.

Billings was refused bail in court this week. The matter will next be heard in June.

Alleged murder review

On Tuesday morning, Minns said he would be seeking urgent information about the circumstances leading to Ticehurst’s death, and the “completely legitimate” public questions about why Billings was granted bail.

He said that Ticehurst did “everything right” by obtaining an apprehended violence order against Billings.

Minns did not rule out bail reforms in response to Ticehurst’s alleged murder.

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