Myki changes: Victorians set to pay with phone or credit card

The Victorian Government has announced changes to its public transport ticketing system, myki, including payment by phone and bank card.
Myki pay with phone

The Victorian Government has announced it will change its myki system to allow public transport passengers to pay using phones, smart watches, credit cards and debit cards.

Victoria’s myki system currently allows only Android phone users to pay using a ‘mobile myki’.

Trials of the changes will begin in 2024.

The myki system

Victoria’s myki system is used for all forms of public transport in the state. It was rolled out in 2012 and cost the Victorian Government $1.5 billion.

Passengers must pay for transport with money loaded onto their myki card, with the recent exception of Android phone users. The contract with myki’s current operators runs out in December.

The Government last year acknowledged the system was “not the world’s best practice” and flagged it may consider a new contractor.

When can I pay with my phone?

Victorian Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll has announced the company Conduent Business Services will sign a new 15-year contract to run the system. Conduent operates systems in 24 countries including Paris.

The name ‘myki’ will be retained, but the system will see “modern improvements” including card and phone-based payment options.

The new contract will take effect on 1 December. There will not be any immediate changes to the system. A trail of paying with phones will begin in 2024

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