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Could ‘myki’ be ditched?

Could ‘myki’ be ditched?

Could 'myki' be ditched?

Victoria’s ‘myki’ transport card system could be cut at the end of 2023 when its contract runs out. Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas has confirmed the Government is considering whether to extend the contract, acknowledging the myki system is “not the world’s best practice at the moment… we want to make sure it’s fit for purpose and it’s a better customer experience than we have at the moment.”


The myki system is used for all forms of public transport in Victoria. Users must pay for transport with money loaded onto their card – they cannot use a credit card or pay directly using cash (although Android users can now pay using a ‘digital Myki’ on their phones). The myki system was fully rolled out in 2012. It was one of the most expensive transport card systems in the world, costing the Victorian Government an estimated $1.5 billion.

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