Nazi salute now banned in Australia

A National Nazi ban across Australia came into effect on Monday, one month after it passed Federal Parliament. Here's what it means.
National Nazi ban 

National laws banning the public Nazi salute and display of Nazi symbols are now in effect. It comes after Parliament passed legislation last month.

From today, offenders will face up to twelve months behind bars. The laws also extend to the display of the Islamic State flag.

Nazi bans in Australia

The Victorian Government banned the Nazi salute last year in response to a neo-Nazi gathering at an anti-trans rally in Melbourne.

Since then, every Australian state and territory (except the NT) has banned or is planning to ban Nazi symbols.

Following the Melbourne gathering, Federal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton recommended a nationwide ban on Nazi symbols and salutes.

National Nazi ban

The Federal Government tabled legislation to ban Nazi symbols in June. This legislation was amended to include the Nazi salute in November and the laws passed in December.

From 8 January, the Nazi salute and other hate symbols are outlawed. This includes a ban on the public display and trade of products like shirts, flags and armbands with the Nazi Hakenkrauz (swastika).

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said the laws “will ensure no one in Australia will be allowed to glorify or profit from acts and symbols that celebrate the Nazis and their evil ideology”.

Using symbols in legitimate religious and educational contexts will be permitted.

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