Nazi salute to be banned in Australia

Nazi bans in Australia will be strengthened by an amendment that will ban the Nazi salute throughout Australia.
Nazi bans in Australia

The Federal Government will make performing the Nazi salute a criminal offence, under the latest Nazi bans in Australia.

The Government introduced a bill to ban the public display and trade of Nazi symbols in June. This legislation will now be amended to include the Nazi salute.

The amendment will be tabled by the Albanese Government in Parliament today.

Nazi bans in Australia

All states and territories except the NT have banned or plan to ban the public display of Nazi symbols.

Some governments have strengthened their laws in response to public neo-Nazi demonstrations in parts of the country.

The Victorian Government passed laws this year to ban the Nazi salute, after a group of neo-Nazis gathered at an anti-trans rally in Melbourne.

The federal ban

A ban on Nazi symbols will include the Hakenkrauz (swastika), and other hate symbols associated with Nazism.

The buying, selling and display of Nazi flags, t-shirts, and other insignia will also be banned. The use of the symbols in legitimate religious and educational contexts will be permitted.

Penalties for breaking the laws will include up to 12 months jail time.

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