Queensland passes hate symbol laws

More Nazi bans in Australia were added on Thursday, following the passing of laws in Queensland Parliament.
Nazi bans in Australia

New laws in Queensland will introduce penalties of up to six months in jail for anyone caught publicly displaying a hate symbol, in the latest addition to a suite of bans on Nazi symbols in Australia.

After passing legislation last night, the Queensland Government says it will work with the state’s Human Rights Commissioner and law enforcement to develop a list of symbols to be included in the ban.

Nazi and Islamic State (ISIS) signs are expected to be included.

Anyone seen displaying banned hate symbols – which can intimidate people, lead to harassment, or cause offence – could be punished with a prison sentence under the new laws.

Distributing hate symbols in-person or online, and exposing tattoos featuring hate symbols, will also be policed under the laws.

The laws will include exemptions for specific symbols used in a religious, educational or legal context.

Nazi bans in Australia

Nazi bans have been progressed in all states of Australia in recent years.

The Federal Government has also committed to a national ban on Nazi symbols.

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