NBA investigating allegations against Aussie player Josh Giddey

The NBA is investigating Australian basketballer Josh Giddey over online allegations accusing him of inappropriate behaviour.
Josh Giddey NBA

Australian basketballer Josh Giddey is being investigated by the American basketball league, the NBA, over allegations raised online.

A viral post on social media accused the 21-year-old of inappropriate behaviour with a high school student.

In 2021, Oklahoma City Thunder drafted Giddey as shooting guard in the NBA.


A now-deleted social media account accused Giddey of inappropriate behaviour with a student from a U.S. high school.

NBA spokesman Mike Bass has told multiple publications that the league is “looking into” the allegations against Josh Giddey.

The age of consent in Oklahoma is 16. There is no suggestion that police are involved or that Giddey has broken the law.

Giddey’s response

Reporters asked Josh Giddey about the allegations during a press conference. He declined to comment.

“I understand the question obviously but there’s no further comment right now,” he said.

Giddey has turned comments off on recent Instagram posts.

Thunder’s response

Thunder coach Mark Daigneault said there’s no change in Giddey’s status as a player with the team for now, meaning he will continue to play while the NBA investigation takes place.

“Just with the information we have at this point, that’s the decision that we’ve made,” Daigneault said in a pre-game press conference. “It’s really not even a decision, to be honest with you.”

“It’s obviously a league matter at this point so the ball’s in their court on that.”

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