Months-long netball standoff comes to a close

The netball pay dispute between the players and organisers has come to an end, following the signing of a new collective agreement.
Netball pay dispute

Australian netballers have agreed to a new agreement that will end a months-long standoff between players, and the national governing body and professional competition.

The new collective player agreement will run for three years, and sets out new minimum wages and conditions for professional netball players.

The deal was announced one day after the CEO of Netball Australia resigned with immediate effect.

Netball pay dispute

Netball Australia and the professional Super Netball competition have been in talks with the Australian Netball Players’ Association (ANPA) about a new deal since February.

The previous agreement expired in September, leaving players unpaid, unable to compete, and essentially unemployed.

Continued negotiations led the ANPA to boycott the Netball Australia Awards ceremony last month.

The agreement

All three parties announced they had signed a new agreement on Wednesday, bringing an end to the dispute.

The deal includes a revenue-sharing agreement for sponsorship funds when they surpass an agreed threshold. The ANPA advocated for a revenue-sharing model during talks.

Players will be backpaid to the start of October, to make up for income lost from the previous deal expiring.

Payment details

The deal will include an 11% pay rise over three years, with the average potential salary to grow to $89,221 throughout the deal. Minimum salaries will rise to $46,600.

Players will also be given more earning potential within commercial partnership agreements, through an increase to a pre-existing cap.

A Professional Netball Committee will be established under the deal, which will help players seize future opportunities that can support the growth of the sport.

Netball Australia

Netball Australia CEO Kelly Ryan resigned from her role on Tuesday, before the deal was announced.

Ryan said the time “felt right” to hand the role to someone else.

Previously, Netball Australia faced controversy over a sponsorship deal with mining magnate Gina Rinehart. The deal fell through after backlash from players. The Victorian Government took the deal made vacant by Rinehart.

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