NSW Election: the major parties on climate

Both major parties have issued environmental policies as a key point of their campaigns ahead of the NSW state election.
nsw election climate policies

Both major parties have issued climate policies as a key point of their campaigns ahead of the NSW state election on Saturday, 25 March.

This includes investments in electric vehicles, expanding protections for natural species, and supporting the transition to renewable energy.

Here’s a summary of some key measures on offer.

The context

Climate change has become an important focus in NSW during the last 10 years.

During this time, the NSW Government has added a net-zero 2050 emissions target, and placed a greater emphasis on sustainability within its policies and programs.

There has also been new demand for renewable energy sources, with the share of wind and solar energy in the NSW electricity generation mix more than tripling in the last five years.

The Liberals

The NSW Liberals are moving forward with many of the policies they introduced when they were a Government.

This includes accelerating electric vehicle uptake through rebates and waiving stamp duty for some vehicles.

Policies for switching to renewable energy come from a pre-existing plan targeted at limiting reliance on international energy sources, and creating jobs within the NSW renewable energy market.


NSW Labor would establish a Government-owned energy security corporation, which would work to accelerate renewable energy investments.

They’ve also proposed signing NSW’s 2050 net-zero carbon emissions and the 2030 50% reduction target into law.

Establishing a net-zero commission that would monitor the Government’s progress has also been promised.

The Greens

The Greens have proposed phasing out coal and gas by 2030, and to transition NSW to 100% renewable energy.

They’ve also put forward plans to support communities impacted by climate disasters.

This would include adding a climate disaster levy on coal exports. Funds from the levy would support a climate recovery and transformation fund, and is forecast to raise over $7 billion per year.

When do you vote?

The NSW election will take place on Saturday, 25 March. Early voting will be open from Saturday, 18 March.

It’s compulsory for Australian citizens in NSW aged 18 or over to vote.

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