NSW drivers can now get their learner’s licence online

The change, which came into effect on Monday, means drivers won’t have to take an in-person test at a Service NSW centre.
An L plate on the rear bumper of a car.

NSW residents can now receive their learner licence by passing an online test

The change, which came into effect on Monday, means drivers won’t have to take an in-person test at a Service NSW centre.

The online Drivers Knowledge Test (DKT) can be attempted as many times as it takes to pass, for a single $55 fee. An additional $30 fee is still required for the learner licence card.

NSW follows Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania, all of which have already adopted a similar format.


Before someone can get their learner licence in NSW, they must first pass the DKT — a test consisting of multiple-choice questions covering road rules and safe driving behaviours.

Prior to this week, the DKT could only be attempted at a Service NSW centre.

Learner drivers under 25-years-old must complete 120 hours of supervised driving before they can take a driving test. If they pass, they can then access a provisional licence (‘P plates’).

Learner drivers will now have the option to take the DKT online at home, at their own pace. It follows a successful 6-week trial in parts of the state.

Individuals must complete an interactive four hour online theory course before taking the online test.

Transport for NSW Deputy Secretary Sally Webb says the online format will improve accessibility. Webb said the measure is also cost effective, “because the test can be taken as many times as needed to pass”.

Once a driver passes the DKT, they’ll need to visit a Service NSW centre to have their licence processed, and pay a $55 fee.


Before attempting the test, individuals must declare that they are the enrolled person and will complete the online DKT independently, without any outside assistance or materials.

Those found cheating will be initially banned from online testing for six weeks and subsequently required to take an in-person DKT.

Penalties, including fines and imprisonment, may be imposed for dishonest actions related to obtaining a driver’s licence.

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