Opal card shake-up on the way

A shake-up of the Opal card system will begin next month, following a change by the NSW Government. Here's what it means for you
Opal card shake-up

Travel on Sydney’s public transport network will become more expensive from 16 October.

Fares across all forms of public transport will increase by an average of 3.7%. A weekly incentive that gives commuters half-priced travel after eight journeys will also be scrapped.

However, cheaper weekend fares will be extended to Fridays.

How are Opal prices set?

Public transport fares are generally priced based on the distance travelled. However, there are some discounts for commuters who use public transport more frequently.

This includes a $50 weekly cap – meaning when a commuter spends $50 on Opal Card travel, subsequent fares are free for that week.

Travel outside peak times (i.e. mornings and afternoons) is 30% cheaper.

Opal card shake-up

The NSW Government says that almost 90% of commuters aren’t reaching a threshold of eight weekly journeys to access half-price fares, due partially to remote working.

It will remove this incentive, and instead introduce cheaper fares on Fridays. It means the current 30% discount offered across weekend travel will be extended to last three days.

The $50 weekly cap for adult Opal cards will remain in place.

What if I use my phone?

Commuters can also use credit and debit cards to tap on and off public transport.

The incoming changes and fare increase will apply equally to digital transactions.

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