Peter Bol has had his suspension lifted following a second test for a banned substance

Australian runner Peter Bol cleared of doping allegations after a second test for banned substance.
Peter Bol has had his suspension lifted following a second test for a banned substance

Australian runner Peter Bol has had his suspension lifted after a second test did not confirm doping allegations. In January, Bol was provisionally suspended after he tested positive for synthetic EPO, a banned substance. A follow-up test produced an ‘atypical’ result, which did not confirm or deny the initial finding, meaning further investigation will be required. Bol, who maintains his innocence, will be free to compete in the meantime.

The details

In January, Bol tested positive for Erythropoietin Receptor Agonists (‘recombinant EPO’). This is a banned substance. It is synthetic, meaning it cannot be produced naturally by the human body. The follow-up test produced an ‘atypical’ finding for recombinant EPO. Sport Integrity Australia said this was “not the same as a negative result” and would need to be further investigated by an accredited laboratory. Sport Integrity Australia lifted the suspension and said it could not provide a timeframe on when investigations would be finalised. A conclusive positive finding could result in a lifetime ban.

Bol’s response

Bol welcomed the news on social media. “Last month I told everyone that I was innocent and asked that everyone in Australia believe me and let the process play out. I was hopeful that the process would exonerate me. This morning, I am relieved to report that it did,” he said. Bol described the period since his positive test as “a nightmare” and reiterated his innocence. “I have NEVER in my life purchased, researched, possessed, administered, or used synthetic EPO or any other Prohibited Substance, and never will.”

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