Hundreds feared dead after PNG landslide

A landslide in PNG has left almost 700 members of a remote village missing, with rescue efforts still ongoing.
PNG landslide

Hundreds are feared dead after a landslide in remote Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The landslide struck the Kaokalam village in PNG’s Enga Province early Friday morning.

Initial reports estimated up to 100 people were killed during the incident. However, local authorities have told the United Nations they estimate at least 670 people are missing.

PNG landslide

The PNG Defence Force is leading ongoing search and rescue efforts in Kaokalam, about 600 kilometres northwest of Port Moresby.

Rescuers were delayed in reaching the village due to its remote location.

The flow of essential relief items like food and water has also been hampered by cut off roads and shifting terrain around the site of the incident.

Australia’s response

The Australian Government has committed to supporting PNG officials with recovery efforts from the landslide.

Energy Minister Chris Bowen said the Government would “be in touch with PNG to express and ask what support they need”.

It’s not yet clear what an aid package from Australia could include, as authorities continue to assess the scale of damage.

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