Good news: P!nk’s tour makes history in Australia and NZ

Good news: P!nk's Australia and NZ tour is making history.
p!nk tour makes history

P!nk is about to make history, with a new record for the most stadium shows ever performed by an artist in Australia and New Zealand on a single tour.

The U.S. singer will play the 20th show of her current leg of the Summer Carnival tour in Townsville on Saturday.

It’s not the only record the Summer Carnival tour has broken. It’s also the biggest-selling Australian tour by a female artist, with well over 725,000 tickets sold.

P!nk will close out this leg of the tour in North Queensland regional centre Townsville, with her shows there expected to boost the local economy by almost $40 million. 40,000 visitors will converge on Townsville for the two concerts.

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