The Coalition’s proposed “post and boast” laws, explained

The Coalition will introduce new laws targeting people who "post and boast", sharing footage of themselves breaking the law on social media
post and boast laws

The Coalition will introduce new laws targeting people who “post and boast”. That is, people who share footage of themselves breaking the law on social media, like posting a video of themselves speeding in a stolen car or using illicit drugs.


The Coalition said that currently, the eSafety Commissioner can ask social media platforms to remove content promoting crime or violence, but the final decision is up to the platforms.

It wants to give the watchdog powers to independently remove content which violates its proposed law.

Government response

A Government spokesperson told TDA that criminal offences were “largely a matter for the states”. It also said eSafety has “broad powers to address illegal content online” already.

Last year, Queensland introduced harsher penalties for offenders who live-stream or post their crimes online. More than 140 young people have been charged since Queensland’s post and boast laws were passed in March 2023.

Similar laws are expected to be introduced in NSW, to outlaw what the state government called an “emerging phenomenon” of “performance crime”.

Next steps

Next week, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton will introduce a private members bill — i.e. legislation not introduced by the government.

Dutton urged Labor to support the bill, saying it needed to show “leadership” in “cracking down” on behaviour he said “keeps the cycle of crime going”.

A spokesperson did not indicate if Labor would vote in favour of the bill, but private members’ bills rarely pass through Parliament. Only 14 non-Government bills became law between 1998 and 2022.

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