Some Queensland schools are undertaking an AI trial

An artificial intelligence (AI) trial is underway in QLD schools after Australia's education ministers met to discuss AI use in classrooms last week.
Queensland AI schools trial

An artificial intelligence (AI) trial is underway in Queensland schools after Australia’s education ministers met to discuss AI use in classrooms last week.

An AI training program called Cerego, used by the U.S. Army and Air Force, will be trialled by 500 students from 10 QLD schools.

The trial will provide future guidance around AI’s usefulness in classrooms.

Queensland trial

Cerego will generate tailored classroom quizzes to help inform teachers about students’ knowledge gaps and areas requiring revision.

The content will be specific to the QLD curriculum. This is because of Cerego’s closed-source technology — meaning the program can only draw from specific criteria or information to generate its programs.

The QLD Government says the trial will innovate teaching and learning strategies.

AI schools framework

Education Ministers across Australia agreed to a national generative AI framework for schools last week. It comes into effect from the first day of school next year.

Ministers will release the framework in the coming weeks. It’s believed to focus on the safe and productive use of AI in classrooms. This is in place of a ban on the technology.

While speaking to Nine this month, Federal Education Minister Jason Clare likened AI to the rise of the internet or calculator, saying “we’ve got to learn how to use it”.

Clare said there was a need of measures to stop students cheating with AI.

AI’s impact on student wellbeing and privacy, along with fairness and transparency concerns, could form key pillars of the national school framework.

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