Rescue efforts continue in Queensland

Evaucations and rescue missions will continue on Wednesday, as large-scale responses to the Queensland floods progress.
Queensland floods latest news

Evacuations and a search for an elderly man are continuing in Far North Queensland (FNQ) after record-breaking floods.

Metres of rain have inundated the region since ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper made landfall last week.

Queensland Premier Steven Miles said it’s a “miracle” no loss of life has been reported from the floods so far.

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper left 40,000 homes and businesses without power when it made landfall last week. In the days since, intense rainfall in FNQ has led to emergency rescues and evacuations from floodwaters.

With conditions easing, clean-up efforts have begun in some parts of the state with assistance from the Australian Defence Force and federal and state governments. However, some communities remain without power and with limited drinking water supplies.

Queensland floods latest news

Emergency teams are still working to access and support cut-off areas of FNQ including Wujal Wujal, a remote First Nations community devastated by the floods.

After conditions delayed earlier rescue efforts, almost 100 Wujal Wujal residents were evacuated from the area yesterday and more rescues are expected today.

No serious injuries have been reported in any isolated communities. Ongoing medical supplies are being provided to these areas.

Elderly man missing

Miles has said authorities hold “grave concerns” for an 85-year-old man, who hasn’t been seen since Sunday evening.

The man is from the town of Degarra, which borders Wujal Wujal. Police visited his home, which was destroyed by flood waters, but are yet to find him.

The rescue operation is ongoing after land and water searches have so far failed to locate the man.

What’s happening today?

Miles confirmed evacuations will continue today, with emergency crews focused on 35 localities still isolated from the flooding disaster.

Additional resources and support staff will also arrive in FNQ today, as official damage assessments take place.

Cairns Airport has now re-opened after conditions forced all flights in and out of the city to be cancelled.

Relief payments for Queensland flood victims

Disaster relief payments for residents and businesses impacted by the floods were announced by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese yesterday.

This includes a Federal Government recovery payment of $1000 for adults who have incurred significant damage from the floods, and $400 for eligible children.

Eligible impacted workers will have access to 13 weeks of income support.

Persisting problems

Many roads are still closed, with others yet to be assessed while crews wait for flooding to ease. Authorities have urged people not to drive into floodwater.

Power is expected to be restored in 80% of affected homes and businesses by tomorrow night.

Police are watching for looting in affected areas. Residents have also been told to monitor for crocodiles in floodwaters.

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