Renewables generated record amounts of power in Europe in 2022

Europe breaks renewable energy record in 2022 - Ember report reveals 22% of power from wind and solar.
Renewables generated record amounts of power in Europe in 2022.

Renewable energy became Europe’s largest power source for the first time in 2022. Wind and solar energy together accounted for 22% of power in the European Union in 2022, which is a new record, making renewables the EU’s largest power source for the first time. The figure comes from a report by energy research organisation Ember, which says the rise in renewables is the beginning of a “massive scale up” of clean energy in Europe.


Europe gets its power from a number of sources including coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, wind, and solar. Fossil fuel power (coal and gas) rose 3% in 2022 but is expected to fall by 20% in 2023. Coal usage is already beginning a rapid fall, and Ember’s researchers expect Europe’s gas shortage – driven by the Ukraine war – will accelerate gas falls as well. “Europe is hurtling towards a clean, electrified economy,” said Ember’s Head of Data Insights Dave Jones. “Change is coming fast”.

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