Players will cover the NRL logo on their jerseys amid an ongoing pay dispute

Rugby league players will be covering the logo from their jerseys this weekend, as part of ongoing disputes with the governing body.
Rugby league strike

Players in the men’s and women’s leagues will cover the NRL logos on their jerseys this weekend, amid an ongoing bargaining dispute.

The union representing players is seeking improved conditions and pay transparency from the NRL and Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC).

Players have also boycotted broadcast and media engagements, such as post-match interviews and press conferences, for the last three weeks.

Rugby league strike:

The Rugby League Players’ Association (RLPA) has been negotiating on behalf of players with the NRL and the ARLC (the national rugby league administrator), over a new collective bargaining agreement.

The agreement details minimum wages and conditions for players, and other arrangements for the sport.

Several months of discussions are yet to result in a revised agreement.

The negotiations:

There have been several sticking points in the negotiations, including control over season scheduling, the collection of players’ medical data, and the allocation of funding.

The RLPA said they received a “take-it-or-leave-it” offer from the NRL and ARLC, with “100 drastic changes” in response to their proposal.

This triggered this month’s player action, which began with a media boycott.

Logo boycott:

NRL and NRLW players will cover the NRL logos on their jerseys during play this weekend.

The NRL logo features in the top corner of every team jersey.

The boycott will commence in both leagues this evening, and continue over the weekend.

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