Samantha Mostyn will be Australia’s new Governor-General

Today, PM Albanese announced lawyer and businesswoman Samantha Mostyn will replace David Hurley as Australia's new Governor-General from July.
Samantha Mostyn has been announced as Australia's next Governor-General

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced businesswoman and women’s advocate Samantha Mostyn will be Australia’s new Governor-General.

Mostyn chaired the Federal Government’s Women’s Economic Equality Taskforce.


Australia is a constitutional monarchy, meaning the country’s head of state is technically the ‘Crown’ — King Charles III.

However, the King doesn’t have any role in the day-to-day running of Australia’s government. His executive power is carried out by the ‘Governor-General’ in Australia. The role is mostly ceremonial.

A bill does not become law in Australia until the Governor-General approves it. They can reject a law, but this has never happened. The Governor-General also swears in Cabinet Ministers.

Samantha Mostyn

Today, PM Albanese announced lawyer and businesswoman Samantha Mostyn will replace David Hurley as Australia’s new Governor-General from July.

Mostyn spearheaded the AFLW, the women’s league of the AFL. She also chaired the government’s Women’s Economic Equality Taskforce, and was president of the not-for-profit ‘Chief Executive Women’.

Mostyn has received an Order of Australia, which recognises Australians who have “demonstrated outstanding service”.


The PM described Mostyn as “an exceptional leader who represents the best of modern Australia.”

“Ms Mostyn is a modern and optimistic leader for our modern and optimistic nation. Her leadership reflects our enduring Australian values of equality, fairness and a responsibility to build a better future for the next generation,” he said.

David Hurley welcomed Mostyn’s appointment, saying she “has dedicated her life to making positive change in our community”.

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