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Scientists have discovered female snakes have a clitoris

Scientists have discovered female snakes have a clitoris

Scientists have discovered female snakes have a clitoris

For the first time, scientists have discovered snakes have a clitoris. In fact, they have two (called hemiclitores).

According to the first detailed study on the reptile’s sexual organ, researchers found clitorises on all nine of the species they studied (although the shapes and sizes of the clitorises varied).

The study was conducted by an international group of researchers, led by the University of Adelaide.

Previous research

According to Megan Folwell, the lead researcher of the study, there was previously an assumption that the clitoris was either “absent or non-functional in snakes”.

The study, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B Journal, states: “Female genitalia are conspicuously overlooked in comparison to their male counterparts, limiting our understanding of sexual reproduction across vertebrate lineages.”

“There’s a lot known about male snake genitalia, but not so much – really anything – known about females… We are proud to contribute this research, particularly as female genitalia across every species is unfortunately still taboo,” Megan Folwell, lead researcher of the study at the University of Adelaide, said in a statement.

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