How many people in the U.S. and Australia smoke? Fewer than ever

smoking rates U.S.

What are the smoking rates in the U.S. – and how do they compare to Australia? New data from the CDC suggests a downward trend. 

Smoking rates in the U.S.

Smoking rates in the U.S. fell to 11.1% in the second half of last year, according to new data from the country’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It’s part of a steady decline in recent years in the U.S., with the smoking rate for the first half of 2019 at 14.4%.

E-cigarette use has risen in recent years. The U.S. e-cigarette smoking rate was at 6% in the second half of last year, and its use has been gradually increasing since the start of 2020.

Smoking rates in Australia

Daily smoking rates in Australia are believed to be around 11%.

Data on the prevalence of cigarettes have found a long-standing downward trend among Australians. The smoking rate was at 24% in 1991. 

How many adults in Australia vape?

However, the use of e-cigarettes has also risen in Australia. In 2019, almost 40% of current smokers had reported using e-cigarettes in their life, a rise from the 31% recorded in 2016.

A national health survey taken in 2020 and 2021 found about 9% of Australian adults had used a vaping device at least once in their life.

Smoking has recently been banned in New Zealand for anyone born after 2008, and in Mexico in all public spaces.

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