Solar power in Europe has increased by almost 50% this year

Solar power in Europe has increased by almost 50% this year

Solar power sources have increased by nearly 50% in capacity in Europe this year, according to a new report.

Energy from new solar power sources installed in the EU this year could power over 12 million homes and replace 102 natural gas tankers.

This betters what was a historic 41% increase in 2021.

Why the rise?

Authors from SolarPower Europe – the non-profit group that conducted the analysis – found the rise was due to a few factors.

This includes the Russian invasion of Ukraine (which meant countries had to find an alternative to Russian energy exports), as well as the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and supply chain shortages.

The EU countries with the biggest rise in solar capacity this year (in gigawatts):

  1. Germany (7.9)
  2. Spain (7.5)
  3. Poland (4.9)
  4. Netherlands (4.0)
  5. France (2.7)
  6. Italy (2.6)
  7. Portugal (2.5)
  8. Denmark (1.5)
  9. Greece (1.4)
  10. Sweden(1.1)

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