South Australia pharmacists to issue UTI antibiotics in 2024

South Australia pharmacists will be able to prescribe antibiotics for UTIs (urinary tract infections) from March next year.
south australia pharmacists UTI antibiotics

South Australia pharmacists will be able to prescribe UTI antibiotics from March next year.

Women aged 18-65 will be able to speak to a “trained pharmacist” who can give them antibiotics to treat “uncomplicated” urinary tract infections, instead of needing to go to a GP.

Under new measures in the state, women will also be able to access resupplies of the contraceptive pill through pharmacies from May.

UTI antibiotics from South Australia pharmacists

Under the announcement, pharmacists will be able to diagnose and prescribe antibiotics to eligible women with a UTI.

Women with “recurrent infections, additional symptoms or those at risk of complications” will be referred to
a GP for assessment.

SA MP Jayne Stinson, who chaired an inquiry into UTI treatment access, said: “As a UTI sufferer, I know the enormous difference this scheme will make to the lives of thousands of women — relieving pain, anxiety, expense and loss of income.”

Pill repeat scripts

From May next year, women will also be able to obtain a resupply of their oral contraceptive pill.

Strict eligibility criteria will apply for patients and participating pharmacies.

SA Premier Peter Malinauskas said the change will make healthcare “more accessible for women”.

Other states

Under a trial commissioned by the NSW state government, pharmacists can prescribe medication without a general practitioner (GP).

More than 1000 pharmacies are part of the trial.

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