South Australia will become the first Australian state with a First Nations Voice to Parliament

South Australia will establish a First Nations Voice to Parliament. But how will it work? Here's what you need to know.
South Australia Voice to Parliament

South Australia (SA) will become the first Australian government to create a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

Legislation for the Voice passed yesterday in a special sitting of Parliament. It was tabled earlier this year.

The Voice will consult on legislation in Parliament, and also have an equal number of men and women on the advisory body.

Is the South Australia Voice to Parliament the referendum?

This is separate from the Federal Voice to Parliament that Australia will have a referendum on later this year.

The Voice to Parliament law passed in South Australia yesterday will only work and consult on issues in SA Parliament.

Voice to Parliament details

The Voice will be made up of a group of officials from regions across SA. They’ll meet 4-6 times a year, and will be elected by First Nations people in SA.

They will consider matters of interest for First Nations people in SA, and provide advice to Parliament on key issues.

They’ll also establish advisory committees for matters relating to First Nations Elders, youth, and those affected by the Stolen Generations. A committee on native title issues will also be established.

A report detailing its operations and matters of interest will be tabled to Parliament each year.

Opposition response

The Voice was opposed by the Liberal Opposition. Leader David Speirs said it had “a number of flaws” and wouldn’t create a “lasting legacy on the ground” to help First Nations people.

However, he hoped “at the end of the day” that it would succeed, and meaningfully support First Nations people in South Australia.

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