Sydney broadcaster Alan Jones accused of indecent assault

A Sydney Morning Herald investigation has raised indecent assault allegations against Alan Jones during his time as a Sydney broadcaster.
Alan Jones accused assault

Australian broadcaster Alan Jones has been accused of indecent assault.

The 82-year-old denies the allegations, which were first reported in an investigation by the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH).

Jones was once considered one of the most powerful figures in Australian media. His lawyers say they’re now taking steps to launch defamation proceedings against the SMH.

Who is Alan Jones?

Jones was a speechwriter for former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser before becoming the coach of the Wallabies in the mid-1980s.

He became a radio host on Sydney talkback radio stations 2UE and later 2GB. He regularly wrote opinion columns for News Corp’s newspapers and had a dedicated program on Sky News until 2021.

He’s now a presenter on a conservative digital news channel called ADH TV.

Assault allegations

SMH journalist Kate McClymont investigated a number of claims against Alan Jones, alleging he “used his position of power to prey on a number of young men” including a former 2GB employee. The ex-employee alleged Jones groped and kissed him forcibly when he was a junior staffer.

The other allegations raised by the newspaper include “indecently assaulting”, “groping”, and “inappropriately touching” men without consent.

Jones denies all the allegations.

Ray Hadley

Jones’ former 2GB colleague Ray Hadley said he learned of allegations against Jones several years ago.

During a radio broadcast this morning, Hadley said an employee once told him that Jones allegedly made “unwanted sexual advances” towards him. The employee told 2GB management but decided not to pursue the accusations further.

Hadley said after hearing the allegations, his “his relationship with Jones was basically severed”.

Alan Jones’ response

In a statement today, Jones’ lawyers said the allegations reported by SMH are “demonstrably false”.

“We have obtained substantial factual information which contradicts and refutes the alleged pattern of conduct by Mr Jones,” the lawyers said. They signalled their intention to take legal action against the newspaper.

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