Sydney on alert for Legionnaire’s disease over busy holiday period

Legionnaire's disease is feared to be spreading after seven infected people confirmed they were in Sydney's CBD over the past three weeks.
Sydney Legionnaire's disease NYE

People who have been in Sydney’s CBD in the last 10 days have been urged to monitor for symptoms of Legionnaire’s disease.

Seven people who were in a number of locations around the city in the past three weeks have been hospitalised with the disease.

It is not contagious, unlike COVID-19. Here’s what you need to know.

Legionnaire’s disease

Legionnaire’s is usually caused by the inhalation of contaminated water particles from air conditioning systems of large buildings.

Symptoms of the disease include fever, chills, a cough and shortness of breath. It can lead to severe chest infections such as pneumonia and can develop up to 10 days after exposure.

According to NSW Health, most people will recover, but about 10% of patients die.

Sydney outbreak

Seven people have been diagnosed with Legionnaire’s disease after spending time at various parts of Sydney’s CBD in the past three weeks.

The seven people, aged between their 20s to 70s, have been taken to hospital to be treated for pneumonia.

It is unclear how they became infected. But NSW Health said it is now working to review maintenance records of cooling towers in the CBD area.


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