Taiwan has elected a new President

Voters in Taiwan have elected Lai Ching-te as their new president, who has previously been described by China as a "troublemaker".
Taiwan's new president Lai Ching-te

Voters in Taiwan have elected Lai Ching-te as their new President in the third successive victory for Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party, which supports and promotes the island’s separate identity from China.

Taiwan sees itself as a sovereign state (independent from any other power), while China views Taiwan as one of its provinces with which it will inevitably reunify.

Lai, previously the vice-president, said after his win: “We didn’t let external forces influence our election. That’s because we decided that only we can choose our president.”

China’s response to Taiwan’s new president

China has previously referred to Lai as a “troublemaker”, protesting against his long advocacy for Taiwanese independence.

A spokesperson for China responded to the new President’s election in a statement saying: “Taiwan is China’s Taiwan… Our position on resolving the Taiwan issue and achieving national reunification is consistent, and our will is rock-solid.”

Australia’s response

The Australian Government released a statement congratulating Lai on his victory and “the people of Taiwan on the peaceful exercise of their democratic rights”.

“The smooth conduct of the elections is a testament to the maturity and strength of Taiwan’s democracy.”

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