The 2030 FIFA men’s world cup will be played across six countries

FIFA, football's global governing body, has announced the 2030 Men's World Cup will be played across six countries.
fifa 2030 six countries

FIFA, football’s global governing body, has announced the 2030 Men’s World Cup will be played across six countries.

Spain, Portugal and Morocco will host the tournament. Teams will also play in Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina.

The 2030 World Cup will mark 100 years of the event, which was first played in Uruguay.

So, how will it work?


The FIFA Council “unanimously agreed” on the combined 2030 hosting bid submitted by Morocco, Spain and Portugal. Teams will play the bulk of the tournament in those countries.

However, three matches will be played in South America to celebrate the centenary of the World Cup, hosted in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

“In a divided world, FIFA and football are uniting,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino during the announcement.


News of Spain as a World Cup co-host comes following the recent resignation of the head of its football federation.

Luis Rubiales kissed Spanish player, Jenni Hermoso, without her consent after her team won the Women’s World Cup in Sydney in August.

Rubiales’ resignation statement said stepping down from his role would “contribute to the stability that will allow Europe and Africa to continue together in the dream of [hosting the World Cup in] 2030”.

What now?

FIFA will approve the 2030 hosts at an official meeting next year, which would see the six countries automatically qualify for the competition.

The 2026 Men’s World Cup hosts are the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Under a new format, 48 nations will play, up from 32.

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