The federal and NSW governments have announced mental health packages for flood-affected regions


Both packages are set to provide immediate mental health assistance and ongoing support.

Federal package

The Federal Government announced yesterday it would spend $31.2 million over two years to ensure flood-affected Australians in Queensland and NSW can access mental health support.

More than $16 million of this package will be dedicated to assisting “mental health services to meet immediate psychological needs of communities”.

About $9 million will go towards specific services for children and young people in flood-affected regions.

NSW package

The NSW Government also announced yesterday a $25 million package for mental health support. Deputy Premier Paul Toole said the package will focus on the Northern Rivers initially, with other affected areas likely to be included later.

The package will see the “immediate” deployment of mental health clinicians to the Northern NSW community.

As part of the package, mental health services Headspace and Lifeline will receive funding for three years to work with affected communities. Minister for Mental Health Bronnie Taylor said the grants would also be given to non-government organisations to deliver local trauma and recovery programs.

It comes after both governments have received criticism for their initial response to the floods and their lack of planning.

“I understand the sense of abandonment,” Morrison said last week during a press conference.

Perrottet told ABC last week he takes responsibility as Premier for the lack of an adequate emergency response.

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