The first Women’s World Cup match has moved stadiums due to unprecedented demand

The first match of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 has moved to Sydney's largest stadium. The Matildas will face off against the Republic of Ireland.
The First Women's World Cup Match has Moved Stadiums Due to Unprecedented Demand

The first match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will be relocated to Sydney’s largest stadium after unprecedented ticket demand. The match was scheduled to take place at Allianz Stadium (42,500 capacity), but has now moved to Accor Stadium where more than 80,000 fans will be able to attend.


“FIFA’s mission is to organise the biggest and best Women’s World Cup in history this year, and fans, those who bring colour, passion, and atmosphere to stadiums will be such an integral part of the tournament’s success,” said FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura. Australia’s inaugural match will see the Matildas face off against the Republic of Ireland. Any pre-existing tickets to the match will remain valid at Accor Stadium. A phased release of further tickets begins on 24 February.

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