The government has published a ‘report card’ on the status of women in Aus: here’s what it says

Uncover key findings on gender equality in Australia's report card, highlighting education, pay gap, health, and safety statistics.
The government has published a 'report card' on the status of women in Aus: here's what it says

The Federal Government has released a new ‘report card’ on the status of women in Australia. Minister for Women Katy Gallagher said the new report card, which will now be released annually on International Women’s Day, is intended to “shine a light on where progress on gender equality has stalled… [and] report on the challenges that continue to hold women and our country back”. 

Here are some of the statistics included in the report card.

  • 4th: Australia’s ranking among developed countries for women with tertiary degrees
  • 12%: The gender gap in hourly pay
  • 23%: The retirement gap in super
  • 9hrs: The gender gap in unpaid work and care per week


  • 1 in 9: The number of Australian women who suffer from endometriosis
  • 5yrs: The average time to receive an endometriosis diagnosis after first seeing a doctor
  • 3x: The rate of increase in intentional self-harm hospitalizations for girls in the last decade


  • 1 in 2: The number of women who have experienced sexual harassment (compared to 1 in 4 men)
  • 1 in 4: The number of women have experienced sexual violence (compared to 1 in 13 men)
  • 1 in 2: The number of women born between 1989 and 1995 who report sexual violence – higher than the reported rates for women in prior generations

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