Recreational vapes to be banned from 2024

New measures to restrict the use of recreational vapes will be introduced from 1 January 2024 under a new government timeline.
restrict recreational vapes 2024

New measures to restrict the use of recreational vapes will be introduced from 1 January 2024.

The Federal Government’s vaping crackdown will start with a ban on the import of disposable vapes, such as iGet Bars and HQD products.

Further import restrictions will follow.

Vaping in Australia

A medical prescription is required to buy nicotine vapes and e-cigarettes in Australia legally.

However, these rules haven’t stopped Australians from purchasing vapes for personal use. Vaping has become particularly popular among young people, including schoolchildren.

The Government is concerned vaping is being marketed to children, and that it could create a new generation of smokers.

Recreational vape restrictions in 2024

Single-use, disposable vapes will be banned from entering Australia from the start of next year. This won’t prevent medically-prescribed vapes from being accessed in Australia.

Reusable vapes imported for non-medical use won’t be allowed from March 2024.

From March, vape importers will need approval from the Australian Drug Control Office before they can bring vape products into the country. They will also need to prove their products comply with health standards.

Health Minister Mark Butler said banning vape imports would be complex, and require monitoring at the Australian border.

“There will no doubt be some vapes that get into the country but they will no longer be easy for schoolchildren, our most vulnerable and impressionable members of society, to get their hands on them.”

The Australian Border Force will be tasked with detecting and
destroying banned vapes.

Other measures

In addition to bans on importing illegal vapes, the Government will introduce legislation to crack down on the domestic vape trade.

This will be designed to prevent the manufacture, advertising, and commercial possession of disposable, non-medical vapes in Australia. It’s not yet clear how the Government plans to do this.

Legislation is expected next year.

States and territories

The state and territory governments have agreed to develop a framework to enforce the changes.

The framework will also provide a plan to prevent an illegal ‘black market’ vape trade from emerging in the wake of the new measures.

A national vaping working group, which will involve input from each Australian government, will be created to oversee enforcement efforts.

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