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The Greens have released its plan to legalise weed in Australia. Will it pass?

The Greens have released its plan to legalise weed in Australia. Will it pass?

the greens plan legalise weed

The Greens have unveiled their plan to legalise weed. Under the plan, Australians would be allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants at their home for personal use without a licence.

The party plans to table the bill later this year, although it’s not expected to gain the support of the major parties, meaning it won’t pass parliament.

First, how are drugs regulated in Australia?

The decision to legalise illicit drugs in Australia is left to the state and territory governments.

Only the ACT has decriminalised the personal use and possession of cannabis for adults (decriminalising a drug does not mean it is legal).

The Greens’ legislation will suggest legalising cannabis at the federal level. This would override laws at the state and territory level, and legalise cannabis throughout Australia.

What is the Greens’ plan to legalise weed?

The Greens propose allowing Australians to grow up to six cannabis plants at their home for their personal use without a licence. For larger quantities, a national licensing agency would be established to regulate who can sell and grow cannabis in Australia.

The agency would also be tasked with creating a registry of existing and common strains of cannabis in Australia.

Alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical corporations would be banned from growing and selling cannabis.

The Greens propose to conduct the sale of cannabis “primarily” at designated ‘cannabis cafes’. They would sell products for smoking, drinking, and specialised oils and edibles.

Cannabis advertisements would be banned, unless they are at licensed venues.

What would still be illegal?

Providing a person under 18 with a cannabis product would still be illegal, and could result in a six month prison sentence.

Those who produce cannabis to sell to others (i.e. outside of personal use) without a licence would also be subject to fines and possible imprisonment.

Will it pass?

The Greens are expected to face significant pushback to their legislation.

To pass the legislation, they’ll need the support of the Government. However, the Government has previously said they don’t plan to make any changes to the legal regulations for cannabis.

The Greens have asked for public feedback on the draft law, with submissions due by May.

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