The head of news at Channel Seven has stepped down

Craig McPherson will leave the news director role he's held since 2015, marking Channel Seven's second senior figure quitting recently.
Channel Seven news director Craig McPherson has stepped down.

Craig McPherson is stepping down as Channel Seven’s head of news.

It comes days after the network reached a settlement deal with a man it wrongly identified as the Bondi Junction attacker.

Seven did not give a reason for McPherson’s exit, which follows the departure of the company’s CEO James Warburton last week.

Here’s what you need to know.


Seven West Media is the umbrella company for Seven’s TV, radio and newspaper operations – including Channel Seven.

Seven faced questions during Bruce Lehrmann’s recent failed defamation proceedings over alleged efforts to secure court documents and an exclusive interview with him.

Seven West Media denies the claims.

Last week, Seven settled a lawsuit and apologised after misidentifying Sydney man Benjamin Cohen as the attacker behind the Bondi stabbings.

Seven blamed a producer for the error, leading to Cohen’s name appearing during the broadcast.

The details of the settlement are not known.


A statement from Seven West Media today confirmed Channel Seven’s head of news Craig McPherson was stepping down.

McPherson said his exit was a decision he’s “been considering for a while,” and that he believes “now is a good time for all to have a fresh start”.

His resignation follows the early departure of Seven’s CEO James Warburton, announced last week. Warburton had already resigned, but brought forward his finish date by at least two and a half months.

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