The Medibank hackers have posted a “full” customer data folder

The data was posted online with the message “case closed.”
The Medibank hackers have posted a "full" customer data folder

Private health insurer Medibank has confirmed more stolen customer data has been posted online overnight.

The data includes six files in a folder called “full”, posted along with the statement, “Case closed.”

Medibank claims the data is “incomplete and hard to understand”. It also claims “the personal data stolen, in itself, is not sufficient to enable identity and financial fraud”.


In October, Medibank confirmed they’d been the subject of a cyberattack.

Medibank believes the information of 9.7 million current and former customers have been compromised in the breach.

The Australian Federal Police announced last month that they believe Russian hackers are behind the attack.

Medibank response

Medibank CEO David Koczkar said this morning: “Again, I unreservedly apologise to our customers… We will continue to contact customers whose data has been released on the dark web.”

Koczkar added that anyone who “downloads this data from the dark web… and attempts to profit from it is committing a crime”.

Government response

The Federal Government has not yet released a statement.

Minister for Government Services Bill Shorten was asked about the incident on ABC Radio this morning. He described it as “shocking” and the hackers as “absolute criminal low life”.

Shorten, whose responsibilities include official identification, said the Government would replace any compromised government ID such as Medicare cards.

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