The Medibank hackers have published an ‘abortion’ file

A document labelled "abortions" has been posted to the dark web, appearing to list 303 Medibank customers.
The Medibank hackers have posted a "full" customer data folder

A document labelled “abortions” has been posted to the dark web, appearing to list 303 Medibank customers.

The document was posted by the group allegedly responsible for illegally accessing customer data from the Australian private health insurer in October.

Medibank has confirmed it believes the file – the third one posted – was taken from its systems.


Medibank has confirmed its entire network was illegally accessed. A group claiming to be behind the data breach has demanded a ransom, but Medibank refused.

Earlier this week, the group posted two spreadsheets titled “good-list” and “naughty-list”, which included information on a range of sensitive medical procedures. The third file, titled “abortions”, includes information on access to abortion services.


Medibank and the Australian Government have both said they will not pay a ransom, which the Government says is based on advice that this is the best course of action.

Cyber Security Minister Clare O’Neil said “cyber criminals cheat, lie and steal” and “paying them only fuels the ransomware business model… I want Australia to be the most cyber-safe country in the world. The payment of ransoms directly undermines that goal.”

Medibank says it will contact customers whose details have been published.

It warns customers to be alert about any scams pretending to be Medibank, adding it will not contact customers asking for passwords or sensitive information. It recommends changing passwords, but says customer banking details have not been accessed.

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