Turbulence on a Qatar Airways flight has injured 12 people

Turbulence on a Qatar Airways flight has injured 12 people, just days after a man died due to turbulence on a Singapore Airlines flight.
Turbulence on a Qatar Airways flight has injured 12 people.

A dozen Qatar Airways passengers and crew members were injured in a mid-flight turbulence incident.

Eight people on the Doha to Dublin flight were taken to hospital after the plane landed in the Irish capital overnight.

It comes days after one death and multiple serious injuries due to “severe turbulence” on a Singapore Airlines flight.

What happened?

The Qatar Airways flight took off from Doha on Sunday.

While flying over Turkiyë, turbulence shook the plane, injuring six crew members and six passengers.

The flight landed safely at Dublin Airport several hours later, where emergency services – including firefighters and police – were awaiting its arrival.

All passengers were assessed for injuries, before eight people were taken to hospital.

In a statement, Qatar Airways confirmed “a small number of passengers and crew sustained minor injuries”.

Qatar Airways did not elaborate on the flight’s turbulence, but said it would launch an “internal investigation”.

Singapore Airlines

Last week, a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore encountered “severe turbulence”, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in Bangkok.

One man died from a suspected heart attack while around 50 injured passengers were hospitalised, including 14 Australians.

In its latest update, the airline said 41 people are still in hospital. Several of those hospitalised had sustained spinal, brain, and skull injuries.

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