Uber for teens allows people aged 13-17 to ride alone

Uber for teens requires parents/guardians to create a child profile under an adult account. It is now available in SA, ACT, and Tas.
uber for teens

Uber will legally allow teens aged 13 to 17 to ride without an adult for the first time, in parts of Australia.

It will initially be available in Adelaide, Canberra, and Hobart.

Uber says it will “soon” introduce teenager accounts in other cities.

Uber for teens

Uber for teens requires parents/ guardians to create a profile for their child under an adult account.

Drivers must have either a Working with Children Check or a Working with Vulnerable People registration, depending on location.

Pin verification and location tracking will be enabled on a child’s ride. There is also an option for the driver and the child to audio record a trip.

Uber says these accounts give 13-17 year olds “the freedom to request their own rides”.

Previous study

A 2022 Monash University survey of more than 600 Australian parents found nearly two-thirds would “never” allow their children to use ride-sharing apps alone while underage.

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