Australian man Sage O’Donnell has died fighting in Ukraine

Australian man Sage O'Donnell has died in Ukraine. O'Donnell went to Ukraine to assist the country's defence against Russia's invasion.
The war in Ukraine has passed 300 days

Australian man Sage O’Donnell has died in Ukraine. The Department of Foreign Affairs has confirmed his death and shared a statement from his mother. O’Donnell went to Ukraine to assist the country’s defence against Russia’s invasion. He had previously served in the Australian army.

“Sage was much loved by his friends and family. Sage’s humour, kind heart, values and laughter will be dearly missed… Sage died in action defending the freedom of the Ukrainian people… [he] chose to take action based on his empathy for the Ukrainian people, and the injustice that is taking place. He fell in love with Ukraine and its culture, and was humbled by the kindness and hospitality within his new community.”

Statement from Sage O’Donnell’s mother

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