Victoria will ban gas in new homes from next year

Victoria will ban gas in new homes from next year. It's part of a plan to limit emissions, and to save on household budgets.
Victoria gas ban

Homes constructed in Victoria from next year will be banned from using gas, the Victorian Government announced on Friday.

This will stop many common household gas appliances, such as stoves and hot water systems, from being installed. Electric alternatives will need to be used instead.

The Victorian Government estimates households will save up to $1,000 a year from the phase-out.

Victoria gas ban:

The global supply of gas has come under strain in recent years, resulting in significant price spikes and accelerating calls for the transition to renewable energy.

Public buildings yet to be designed, such as new schools and hospitals, will also be included in the phase-out.

Measures to ease the transition from gas were also announced, such as funding to upskill construction workers.

The bigger picture:

Victoria aims to reduce emissions by 75-80% by 2035, and achieve net-zero emissions by 2045.

Phasing-out gas has been targeted as a key measure to help the state achieve these targets.

The Victorian Government says that 80% of homes are connected to gas, and that gas makes up 17% of the state’s total emissions.

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