New plastic bans in WA

New plastic bans in WA came into effect on Friday. It's part of a multi-year, gradual phase-out of harmful items across the state.
WA plastic bans

Plastic coffee cups are now banned in Western Australia, under new measures that came into effect today.

Several other plastic products including lids and sushi trays are now also banned in the state.

It comes after WA banned plastic cups for cold beverages in 2022.

WA plastic bans

Disposable coffee cups, all plastic lids and disposable plastic trays are now banned in WA.

Businesses cannot use these items, even if they purchased them before the ban came into effect. Plastic-free alternatives, such as keep-cups and reusable plastic trays, have been suggested.

Further restrictions in the state from September will see a ban on plastic lids for takeaway containers, and disposable plastic fruit and vegetable bags.

National bans

Gradual phase-outs of harmful plastic products are occurring across the country. These reforms are being implemented by state and territory governments.

Plastic utensils, polystyrene cups and lightweight plastic bags have already been banned in most of the country.

Governments have also agreed to introduce regulations for recyclable packaging by 2025. The regulations are expected to include a ban on products manufactured with harmful chemicals.

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