What are Australians’ media consumption habits?

More Australians are cancelling their streaming subscriptions and using free video services.
A national survey has revealed Australians' media consumption habits.

A national survey has revealed Australians’ media consumption habits.

More Australians are cancelling their streaming subscriptions and using free video services.

The Australian National University (ANU) asked nearly 6,000 respondents of all ages about their 2023 media consumption habits, including their thoughts on issues like gambling advertising and AI in news.

The Government-commissioned 2023 Television and Media Survey collected data over three weeks in September/October last year.

Here‘s what it found.

Australians’ streaming services and TV

In the seven days leading up to the survey:

  • 61%: of respondents had used a free video streaming service, like YouTube
  • 65%: used a paid streaming service, like Netflix, down slightly from the previous survey (66%)
  • 51%: watched commercial free-to-air TV (down from 53%)
  • 38%: The proportion of Aussies who cancelled or downgraded their subscription service because it was too expensive.

Netflix was used by 65% of respondents.

Prime Video was used by 35% of respondents.

Disney+ was used by 32% of respondents.

Kids and young people

18 to 24-year-olds were the most likely to use accessibility features like subtitles. The survey found a strong reliance on these features.

  • 22% of children saw a gambling ad in the seven days before being surveyed
  • 50% watched Australian animations/cartoons
  • 60% watched ‘age inappropriate’ content, generally on YouTube, Netflix, or Prime Video.


In the seven days leading up to the survey, more than 50% of respondents said they watched sport.

The three most watched sports were:

  • AFL
  • Tennis
  • Soccer

More than two in five said gambling ads during broadcasts would reduce the amount of sports they would watch.


  • 95% of respondents believe news sites should disclose the use of AI in their content.
  • 61% said they had accessed news via social media in the past seven days.
  • 83% of those who consumed news on social media said it was important to them to have access to news content via social platforms.

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