New push for pets on public transport

What are the rules for pets on public transport? There's been a new push to expand pet access on buses, ferries, and trains in Sydney.
What are the rules for pets on public transport? 

The Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore is calling on the NSW Government to allow pets on public transport, arguing the current rules don’t support sustainable transport practices.

Moore wrote to the NSW Government after councillors voted unanimously against the state’s public transport pet rules.

What are the rules for pets on public transport?

Public transport rules are determined by individual states and territories.

In NSW, pets are banned from trains, coaches and the Sydney metro network (unless they are assistance animals).

However, pets can be taken on ferries, buses and light rail, if the pet owner is given permission by on-board staff.

All animals on NSW public transport must be restrained in a basket or other container, and aren’t allowed on seats or in passageways.

City of Sydney push

The City of Sydney Council is arguing NSW transport rules disadvantage inner-city residents with pets. For example, it says some pet owners who don’t drive haven’t been able to get to the vet.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore has called on the state to “urgently” change the rules to allow pets to travel on all modes of public transport.

The Sydney letter

The NSW Government confirmed it received a letter from Moore.

A spokesperson for NSW Transport Minister Jo Haylen said “many passengers” would benefit from taking pets on public transport. However, she said this must be “carefully weighed against the needs of passengers with disability and transport workers”.

Haylen has sought advice from NSW transport workers and advocates to “ensure we get the balance right”.

Pet rules elsewhere

Victoria has the most pet-friendly rules in Australia, allowing some animals to travel on its public transport network.

Small animals in transport containers can be taken on trains, trams and buses in Melbourne, while large dogs on leads with muzzles can be taken on trains.

Outside of Victoria, pets are generally banned from most public transport networks.

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