Albanese concludes historic China visit

What did Albanese do in China? The Australian PM will leave on Tuesday following high-level talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping.
What did Albanese do in China

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will conclude a four-day visit to China today.

His visit was marked by talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, which both leaders said were positive.

Albanese also met with Chinese Premier Li Qiang, Xi’s second-in-command. His trip was the first by an Australian PM since 2016.

What did Albanese do in China?

Xi met with Albanese for over an hour on Monday night. They discussed trade restrictions between Australia and China, which have eased in recent months, and international security concerns. Albanese called the meeting a “very positive” and “warm” exchange.

Albanese said he raised the case of Yang Hengjun with Xi, an Australian writer who has been detained in a Chinese prison since 2019 on espionage allegations denied by Yang and the Australian Government. He also raised global concerns about China’s upholding of human rights.

What else happened?

Albanese attended a Shanghai trade expo where about 250 Australian businesses were represented. He advocated for open trade and tourism with China while at the expo.

Albanese met with the Chinese Congress Chairman Zhao Leji, in addition to talks with Xi. Albanese said this was a “constructive discussion” centred on future cooperation between Australia and China.

Australia-China ties

While Australia and China’s diplomatic relationship has been strained in recent years, Albanese said his Government is aiming to “stabilise” it.

Albanese said his time in China would help to advance ties between the countries, which would support Australia’s economy and national security.

He has invited Xi to Australia, while Xi invited Albanese to return to China at a future date.

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