Swedish nationals killed in terror attack

What happened in Brussels? Two Swedish nationals have been killed in Brussels, Belgium. A third person was injured in the attack.
What happened in Brussels? 

Two people have died after a shooting in the centre of Belgium’s capital of Brussels, which authorities are calling a terror attack.

Authorities are still searching for the shooter.

Belgium has responded by raising its terror alert to the highest level.

At the time of the shooting, thousands were gathered in a nearby stadium for a soccer match between Belgium and Sweden. Play was abandoned at half-time and the stadium was evacuated.

Terror attack in Brussels

Sweden fans wait in the stands after the match in Belgium was abandoned.

Belgian emergency services confirmed an armed shooting took place around 7pm (local time) in Brussels’ city centre.

The two people who died were from Sweden. Another person was injured.

Residents have been asked to stay indoors and be vigilant when travelling through the city.

The shooter

A man who identified as a member of the Islamic State terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack in a video posted to social media.

The message mentioned the victims’ Swedish nationality as a possible motive for the attack. However, authorities are yet to verify if he was the shooter.

Belgium’s National Crisis Centre said “at present, there is no indication that the attack is linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”.

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