Sydney braces for torrential downpour

What is a Black Nor'Easter? Sydney is bracing for torrential downpour, with a severe weather warning being issued for much of eastern NSW.
What is a Black Nor'Easter?

Eastern NSW and South East Queensland are expecting torrential rain tomorrow.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued several weather warnings across NSW, including heavy rain.

WeatherZone said this rain event is called a ‘Black Nor’Easter’, named after its dark rainclouds.

Up to 300 millimetres of rainfall is expected to hit the east coast and continue until Saturday morning.

What is a Black Nor’Easter?

The ‘Black Nor’easter’ is expected to bring significant rainfall from two different weather systems interacting.

Firstly, a pool of cold air moving east is expected to produce heavy rain and thunderstorms over parts of southern Queensland and northeast NSW on Thursday.

Separately, a coastal trough – provoked by warm ocean temperatures off eastern Australia – is expected to cause heavy rainfall.

These systems work together to force large amounts of moisture into rainfall.

Rainfall of up to 100mm is expected on Friday from Brisbane to the NSW south coast. The heaviest rainfall is expected for Sydney and its surrounds, which could reach 200-300 millimetres.

The weather systems are also expected to bring thunderstorms and wind gusts up to 90km/h. Hazardous surf warnings are in place.

The State Emergency Service advises people not to attempt crossing flood water, and to seek higher ground if they become trapped by flash flooding.

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